After first week.

March 5, 2007

Things are becoming clear this is going to be a good season ahead.
Beginning with the big upset of week one,with the Briage just man-handleing the Chiacgo Rush.
The Rush were major underdgos last season only going 7-9 in the regular season but winning it all in the playoffs.
The Brigade wen’t 3-13 last year,but one 33% of las years total yesterday.
They had a lot of rushing touchdowns..6 i Believe.
The new *rule* might destroy the Ironman,but it makes for a better running game.


Souls face Kats next week.

March 2, 2007

After the Kats loss last night,I think the Soul will win this game.The Soul led by Tony Graziani against the Kats should be a great game.

Season starts with a bang

March 2, 2007

Last nights game between the Columbus Destroyers and the Nashville Kats,was not as close as the scoreboard says.

The scoreboard read: Destroyers 58 Kats 56,but in all the win was luck for the Destroyers.As in the first quarter the Kats dominated 13-7,the second quarter the Destoyers dominated scoreing 24 out of 40 points in the quarter.At the half it was 31-29 Destroyers.

In the third quarter the Destroyers scored the only 13 points,extending there lead to 44-29 it looked to be a blowout

But the Kats fought strong scoring 27 out of the quarters 41 points makeing it a two point game,but the Destroyers held on.

This was not a dominate game,it was a wicked uneven scoreing facade.

Nagy threw for 7 touchdowns for the Destroyers,2 were to Groce.

Destroyers 56. Kats 54.